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Bioinformatics is a blend of molecular biology and data science that is becoming a must-have skill for academic research and plays a key role in advancing biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its technical requirements, many struggle to go beyond the very basics and never reach a level of proficiency needed to excel in this important and exciting field.

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Next-generation sequencing and other advances in biotechnology have generated a wealth of data — so much that it can be overwhelming, with a bottleneck between data generation and meaningful insights. A massive amount of data is freely available to anyone, for either direct data mining or for combined analysis with self-generated laboratory data. To use this resource, a researcher must have a combination of skills and tools to answers a research question in a reliable and reproducible way.

A lot of resources have been created to help develop coding skills and train people to run open-source code using Unix. While suited for a dedicated student, these resources are limited in their ability to train the next generation of bioinformaticians that are ready to leverage the huge amounts of data available online to drive discovery in every school, lab and company. Our approach eliminates the technical challenges for you to jump right in!

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Hands-On Experience

The courses offer any learner to try real projects and gain practical experience.

Practical Lessons

All lessons have been designed by experienced instructors with practical projects and real-life applications.

Live Tests

Your ability to complete an independent project is proof that you've learned the lesson

Rich Multimedia

Rich multimedia about background biology, interactive visualization tools and formatted guides to enrich and engage.


Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of learners and instructors with bbPress forums system integrated in this course.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Experience Biomedical Data Research and Discovery in Academic and Industry Applications.

Practical Skills

Needed skills for scientific discovery, healthcare, biotech and pharma

Project-based Workshops

Beyond theoretical knowledge, workshops give hands-on experience for the real world.

Research & Discovery

Start making your own discoveries because there is plenty of omics data to start analyzing

Early Adopters and Users of T-Bio

What researchers have to say about using T-Bio to analyze their data


Anuja Raut

Virginia Comonwealth University, USA

The courses provided me a comprehensive explanation about key bioinformatics concepts and the projects gave me a valuable real world experience of handling and analyzing large data sets. I enjoyed taking these courses.


Sahil Sethi

University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

I just completed the Transcriptomics 1 course: the course is simply awesome and made many concepts clear. The quiz was pretty interesting and challenging. All in all I loved it!


Yi Linn Loke

Sunway University, Malaysia

As an aspiring student in biotechnology, I found T-BioInfo to be very helpful and has greatly extended and supplemented my knowledge of bioinformatics beyond my classroom experience. The combination of videos and supplementary reading allows for in depth understanding for the subject at hand without being too intimidating.  


Sohni Tagore

DY Patil University School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The courses are very structured and precise, the quizzes test your understanding and it has peaked my fascination with Big Data analysis and the future it holds in the field of Biotechnology, genomics and personalized medicine which can be tapped.


Palak Handa

Mody University of Science and Technology, Rajasthan, India

Transcriptomics 1 & 2 helped me gain an in-depth insight into bioinformatics through excellent videos and quizzes. I look forward to utilizing the platform in research and gaining better knowledge of my core subjects.


Ahmad Atallah

School of Engineering, Cairo University. Cairo, Egypt

The courses provide well organized materials and concepts with a neat associated platform that facilitates the practical aspects of learning and provides a view of applications of bioinformatics and big data analysis. The courses help me understand much more about these futuristic disciplines and their applications in the area of personalized medicine.


Dr. Chris McGowin

Assistant Professor - Research

“As a laboratory scientist, I can personally attest to the dire need for effective educational tools as NGS moves from the esoteric laboratory environment and into the clinical diagnostic setting.”

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