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Developed in collaboration with universities across the world and leading experts in bioinformatics, OmicsLogic is a comprehensive and flexible program designed to help students, faculty and industry succeed in the age of data. This program will help you learn what you need to know to advance scientific research and participate in the future of biomedicine. Learn how to mine high-throughput data and discover new insights -- without needing to learn how to code.

We provide a variety of learning options for independent study and also jointly teach bioinformatics certificate and degree programs in conjunction with universities and their faculty.


  • Free online, individual courses with the building block basics for independent study.
  • Paid online, individual courses featuring hot new technologies and methods.
  • In-person 1-2-3 day workshops including the option to customize the content.
  • University-affiliated and accredited 3-6 months certification programs.
  • Core curriculum degree programs customized and developed in collaboration with universities and research networks, instructed by and university faculty.

Hands-on Experience

Go quickly from learning to doing. Overcome the limitation of traditional MOOCs that focus on theory or complete technical skills, these courses combine the two without making the practical projects too technical.

Practical Exercises from Curated Datasets

Each lesson has been designed by an experienced instructor who uses practical examples with real data from curated datasets based on actual research datasets and applications.

T-BioInfo Multi-omics PLATFORM

Intuitive, visual and guided by A.I. with educational tips and pop-ups so that you learn how to integrate data and analyze it in a meaningful way without coding or worrying that you have constructed a workflow that will produce errors.

Rich Multimedia

Gain access to rich multimedia resources on biological background, interactive visualization of data and streamlined, easy-to-follow visual guides to explain the logic of data transformation and analysis.

Testing and Certification

For those seeking credit or simply to be competitive and improve, live tests are offered which track and register your score.

Interactive Forum

Join the community of students and experts to ask questions, share answers and learn from each other. Regular updates as well as practical assignments are posted.


Quick reference guide with simple definitions to enhance understanding and eliminate the need for searching reference materials as you learn.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Experience Biomedical Data Research and Discovery in Academic and Industry Applications.

Practical Skills

Needed skills for scientific discovery, healthcare, biotech and pharma

Project-based Workshops

Beyond theoretical knowledge, workshops give hands-on experience for the real world.

Research & Discovery

Start making your own discoveries because there is plenty of omics data to start analyzing


Researchers and students describe how OmicsLogic gives them an edge

Qanita Bani Baker

Qanita Bani Baker (Ambassador)

Jordan University of Science and Technology

The courses are great resources to learn more about bioinformatics and biomedical big data analytics. This can help learners to get projects started and to utilize several analysis techniques. The courses are making Bioinformatics more accessible!


Rida Zainab (Ambassador)

Lahore College for Women University Lahore, Pakistan

The courses were the best for someone like me who had no prior knowledge about Next Generation Sequencing and gave me a deep insight about Transcriptomics and Bioinformatics in the easiest way possible.


Ana Paula Vargas Ruiz (Ambassador)

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) Lima, Peru

As an undergraduate biology student, I found the content suitable for my needs. The platform is very intuitive and the courses provide in-depth insights into key aspects of bioinformatics that otherwise would be difficult to face on my own. It even engages you in projects that allow you to apply your learnings to real-life problems, thus connecting theory and practice – an indispensable ability in the scientific community.


Hussain Azimi (Ambassador)


Luckily, I found Pine Biotech website through a search in the internet. The contents of the courses on the website are excellent, understandable and well organized. After keeping in touch with Pine Biotech I took a summer course Called Ambassador Program that helped me a lot to enhance my knowledge about Bioinformatics. Personally, I highly recommend to follow Pine Biotech Programs. Staffs are very kind and I am sure they will help you to improve your Bioinformatic skills.


Nikhil Annaldasula (Intern)

Texas, United States

It was a good experience to gain insights about Bioinformatics by interning with Pine Biotech.Though I am learning tools and techniques to analyze data in my ongoing Master’s program I have been exposed to state of the art T-Bioinfo platform which analyses genomic data at ease.I would definitely recommend for those who are new to Bioinformatics to take up the courses on RNA sequencing and Transcriptomics.


Anuja Raut

Virginia Comonwealth University, USA

“The courses provided me a comprehensive explanation about key bioinformatics concepts and the projects gave me a valuable real world experience of handling and analyzing large data sets. I enjoyed taking these courses.”


Sahil Sethi

University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

“I just completed the Transcriptomics 1 course: the course is simply awesome and made many concepts clear. The quiz was pretty interesting and challenging. All in all I loved it!”


We’re growing and need additional industry partners, teachers and mentors to join our program. Help shape the future of thousands of students learning about ML/AI in Biomedical Applications. Be the spark that ignites the next discovery in big data.