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Educational Platform

Go to Edu T-Bio Infoand select REGISTER in the top right hand corner. After you have selected register, you should see two options. Option 1: Register with Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, or Twitter. Option 2: Register by creating a username and providing your email and passwords. You should receive email confirmation and then be able to login by going to the same page and selecting LOGIN in the top right hand corner.
You can also checkout this guide on how to update your Edu profile - Steps to Update your Edu Profile

There are a number of FREE resources on our educational portal for you to review. The specialized training program and research mentorship is paid. You can start by exploring a Free course like Introduction to Bioinformatics
We have a number of instructors, advisors, and co-presenters for these courses. Visit: to see who was involved in creating these exciting courses!
The Tbio.Info Educational platform provided hands-on project based education for learners of all technical levels without any prior experience or coding skills. Pine Biotech - Applied Learning. Applied Analytics courses and the T-Bio Info platform is certified by Education Alliance Finland which is a global standard for quality standard & certification for learning solutions.
Feel free to reach out to to schedule a call or to get your questions answered
Nope! It's helpful to have some background knowledge in statistics and biology, but our courses are designed to start learners at the basics before moving to complex material. Especially if you're a beginner, start with the course Introduction to Bioinformatics
We offer the following monthly membership options:

The Basic license gives you access to 12 courses and the educational access to T-Bio Info at just $10 USD per month. You won't have access to projects or any other resources just the courses.

The Educational license will give you access to all the courses on the platform including the T-Bio Info platform. But you won't be able to upload your own data but can use it to explore the data available on public domain databases. The cost is $75 USD per month.

The Research License gives you full access to our courses, projects and a Research License to the T-Bio Info platform. This means you will have a private FTP account and you will be able to upload your own data. You will also be able to access projects plus also have one-on-one sessions regarding your research from our team of experts.

Explore the Membership Levels
There are several ways you can get access to the analytical platform that you can try out for free, use for educational purposes and use it for research.

Free demo accounts - to try the platform and explore pre-made demo pipelines, you can request a demo. If we have any questions about the intended use, we will reach out via email. After your account is created, you will have unlimited access to the platform and can explore various areas of analysis and see how exemplar projects are analyzed. We will reach out after 14 days to get your feedback and offer either educational or research licenses if you are interested to continue using the server.

Educational Use/License - If you are enrolled in one of our online OmicsLogic programs, you will have an educational license activated as soon as you are enrolled. After completing the required theoretical portion of the program, you should have enough points to grant you access to analyze publicly available data. If you have private data and would like to manage the data using FTP, you can request the research license (below).

Research Use/License - The research license provides you with more flexibility to use the platform for proprietary data and manage large datasets via FTP. The license normally costs $99/mo. We offer licenses for 3 months minimum. The research license provides you with 5 TB of space for personal research projects and prioritizes access to our HPC infrastructure, compared to non-research users.

Learn more about licensing here - Gene Lab

Practical Bioinformatics Learning

If you are a student that is new to bioinformatics, we would recommend to start with our “Introduction to the Power of Big Data Bioinformatics”. This will allow you to get a brief overview of topics in big data bioinformatics and translational biology including health care applications. If you are more familiar with bioinformatics but have joined our courses for a specific interest, such as RNA-seq or metagenomics, feel free to begin this course. All of the courses will introduce our students to the basics/fundamentals in the beginning before digging into the hands-on practice analysis.
Yes, the biggest difference is the size of the data you are working with in our educational projects. The steps are very similar to real bioinformatics data analysis, but you are learning with about 5% of the data a real bioinformatician would actually work with. This allows you, the student, to get an understanding of the steps/process without being limited by computing power.
Currently, no our educational section does not allow for students to integrate their own datasets. But, we do have a fully functional analysis platform: T-Bio Info Server for our research projects. If you are interested, connect with us at and tell us more about your project and how we can help.
We do not have any courses uploaded that deal with multi-omics integration, but we are working on that! We will update all of our students as soon as those projects and lessons become available.
Yes - we will be using publicly available data and tools. We will provide instructions on how to run the analysis in R as well as open source software like the Integrated Genome Viewer and table manipulation software like Excel or Open Office. The platform we provide will be open to all users which will allow for high performance computing infrastructure that will speed up processing time for your analysis.
There will be live sessions with Q&A to interact with trainers. Also one-on-one sessions are available towards the end of the program when independent projects are being discussed. Please reach out to to setup a meeting with your mentor.
We will utilize R, but knowledge of R is not required as detailed tutorials will be offered on how to prepare the analysis and deploy it on your computer. Explore our Coding Platform !

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