Bioinformatics is a discipline that requires a combination of biological (or biomedical) understanding, familiarity with statistics and strong computational skills. Many programs prioritize the technical aspects of bioinformatics over the biology concepts and logic of analysis, thus limiting the exposure to such non-technical skills as critical thinking, problem solving and in-depth inquiry. In the context of bioinformatics, these skills are rarely taught early on, training students to address new challenges with a technical formula-based approach. In case of new data types or challenges without a straight-forward challenge, which is what is often required in research and industry, the students typically fail, reinforcing their perception that more technical training is needed. LBRN has partnered with Pine Biotech to offer an innovative curriculum that was designed to quickly introduce complex bioinformatics topics in a project-based approach. In this curriculum, analysis skills are developed in a project setting that combines insight into the typical problems addressed by a bioinformatician and exposure to the analysis logic, highlighted by a unique online research and learning environment, the T-BioInfo platform (see more at The platform is a platform designed to be transparent and offers links to methods as well as downloadable code for some modules.